Cheetham Salt is the largest manufacturer of Australian solar salt products and offers reliable high quality salt for the food and industrial markets.

About History

Cheetham Salt Limited was founded by Richard Cheetham in 1888 in Geelong, Victoria Australia. After initial clearing of land, the production of salt commenced in 1897 and the company began operations under the name of Richard Cheetham & Company.

With a passion for growth and because of increasing demand, the company expanded its production into South Australia and Queensland. In 1903 the company changed its name to “The Cheetham Salt Propriety Limited”.

Over the next 80 years Cheetham established agreements and made acquisitions in South Australia and Queensland. In 1992 Cheetham Salt Limited was acquired by Ridley Corporation Ltd.

Cheetham Salt Limited’s commitment to growth was demonstrated by the acquisition of a 50% share of Dominion Salt Limited (NZ), the establishment of a sales offices in both Indonesia and Japan. Further domestic acquisitions occurred in the late 1990’s and into the 2000’s. In 2001 Cheetham established a salt refinery in Cilegon, Indonesia.

In 2013 Ridley Corporation Limited divested Cheetham salt Limited to CK Life Sciences Int’l., (Holdings) Inc.

In 2016 Cheetham establishes a salt field in Nggolonio, Indonesia and the following year a refinery was commissioned.

In 2018 Cheetham Salt Limited acquired the remaining 50% share of Dominion Salt Limited. At the same time, it divested it’s shares in the retail joint ventures.

Today the Cheetham Salt Group comprises three business units, Cheetham Salt Limited (Australia & Japan), Dominion Salt Limited (New Zealand) and Cheetham Garam Indonesia (Indonesia). 

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