Cheetham Salt is the largest manufacturer of Australian solar salt products and offers reliable high quality salt for the food and industrial markets.

Category Food

Salt is essential to all human and animal life. Cheetham's naturally evaporated sea salt is double washed, dried, sieved and graded to give clean, accurately defined and consistent particle sizes. Cheetham Salt has implemented meticulous food quality systems that comply with FSANZ and HACCP food standards codes to ensure product excellence.

From fine cooking salt to large coarse crystals, our products can be used across the Dairy, Meat, Baking and Food Service industries.

Mermaid Caterer’s Salt
Otherwise known as Table Salt, this product is also available in 25kg bags and includes an insoluble anticaking additive. Mermaid Caterer’s Salt is harvested to offer consistent particle sizes and often found in the average kitchen.

Mermaid Gourmet Crystal Salt
This product is the same as Mermaid Refined Coarse and packaged in 10kg bags. An excellent choice within the foodservice and retail industry, it offers enough versatility for large food manufacturers and also personal household use.

Mermaid Superfine Food Salt 10kg
This is our standard superfine product however in the food service/retail sector it comes with a soluble anticaking additive. Popular within the catering industry, this product is often sold to restaurants and cafes.

Ocean Sea Salt Flakes
Specially manufactured for gourmet cooking, Ocean Sea Salt Flakes is naturally evaporated sea salt recrystallised under controlled conditions. This light delicate salt is often described as snowflakes, it is the perfect addition to any dish and used in many prestige kitchens.

Cheetham Salt offers a vast array of products packaged from 10kg bags to 1,200kg bulker bags. For more information on our various products along with recommended applications please contact our customer service centre

  • Crown
  • Mermaid
  • RAM
  • Unicorn
  • Sunray
  • Mermaid Finest
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