Cheetham Salt is the largest manufacturer of Australian solar salt products and offers reliable high quality salt for the food and industrial markets.

Category Stockfeed

Animals require sodium and chloride to survive. Supplementing livestock rations with salt is an essential practice to encourage optimum weight gains, yield and performance. Salt can be mixed with feed or fed free-choice and can be used to regulate the intake of minerals without the labor of daily feeding.

RAM Crushed Coarse No1 Salt
Coarse grained stockfeed salt is suitable for providing salt 'free-choice'. This product is crushed and sieved to remove very large crystals and is resistant to caking and hardening.

RAM Dried Fine No2 Salt
A Kiln dried, refined salt with a smaller crystal size which is particularly suited to the formulation of feedlot rations, concentrates and pet foods. The finer grainsize also allows easier uptake by smaller animals.

RAM Dried Fine No2 Salt (Iodised)
A Kiln Dried, refined small grain salt with added iodine to a typical level of 100 mg iodine per kilogram of salt.

RAM Medium Coarse Dry No3 Salt
This dry, coarse product is manufactured for the stockfeed industry and has an average particle size approx to 2.7mm. Suitable for providing salt ‘free-choice’, RAM Medium Coarse Dry is sold exclusively in Queensland.

Cheetham Salt offers a vast array of products packaged from 25kg bags to bulk truck loads. For more information on our various products along with recommended applications please contact our customer service centre

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