Cheetham Salt is the largest manufacturer of Australian solar salt products and offers reliable high quality salt for the food and industrial markets.

Cheetham Salt Careers

Cheetham - A career to develop a future
Great people, Great business, Great Results

Cheetham Salt shares a genuine pride for the work we do and for being the leader within the industry that we operate in. As a major Australian employer, we’re always looking to build and bolster our team. 

One of the differences about working at Cheetham is our commitment to giving our people real opportunities to develop new skills and experiences that enhance their career options.  As a national company, we have both the geographic spread and range of businesses to offer a dynamic career path. We foster an open and inclusive environment in which our people can strive to be their best and achieve their goals.

Our people development strategy is to:
- Engage our people, by providing an environment where they can be innovative and create new and better ways of doing things;
- Educate our people, by giving them on the job experience and opportunities to stretch themselves;
- Evolve our people, by providing a workplace that allows them to realise their goals.

Our philosophy is with great people, we will achieve great business that will drive great results to sustain business success.

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