Cheetham Salt is the largest manufacturer of Australian solar salt products and offers reliable high quality salt for the food and industrial markets.

Social Responsibility Community

Cheetham Salt is proud of its long term commitment to Australian manufacturing and we recognize that generating profits, rewards shareholders and creates the ability to support social and environmental activities within the communities we operate.

Operating in diverse communities across rural Australia, Cheetham Salt proudly supports Australian businesses, suppliers, and primary producer allowing them to grow and develop. Cheetham Salt is committed to investing in the development of all our people and notably building the skills-base of the communities in which we operate.

Supporting our community

Cheetham Salt makes significant financial contributions to charities, schools and local sporting organisations.  We see our community partnerships as a way we can positively contribute at a local, regional and national level.  Over the years, we’ve been inspired and proud to see where our support has taken many local activities.

At Cheetham Salt, we do our utmost to ensure that our company will continue to be a key contributor to local Australian businesses and the communities in which we operate in for years to come.

Cheetham assists the local Penong Primary School

Penong is situated on the Far West Coast of South Australia, 72km west of Ceduna and 850km west of Adelaide.
Penong Primary School is a small school of approximately 30 students and is focused on giving students the opportunity to succeed and to prepare them for life in the wider community.

In an effort to raise funds for much needed electronic dictionaries, the school participated in the “The Strawberry Fete”, the Penong annual fundraising event held in November.
Cheetham Salt financially supported these fundraising efforts. Cheetham Salt prides itself on supporting the regions in which we operate.

Flores School - Indonesia

Cheetham Salt is investigating the feasibility of constructing a solar salt field on the island of Flores in Indonesia. Flores is a remote, economically poor island located in the south east of Indonesia.
The local school is operating on a meagre budget. Whilst the children have uniforms, the school has very limited equipment, stationery, books or teacher’s supplies. To assist with these shortages Cheetham recently donated pens, pencils, stationary, calculators, rulers and general items.

The technical and commercial feasibility of the project is progressing well. The community has welcomed the prospect of Cheetham constructing a solar salt field, and its potential to increase the prosperity of the region.

Supporting Indonesia

Helen Flavel Foundation Inc (HFF) is a Not for Profit Charitable Entity that aims to help and support underprivileged families living in the North of Bali. Where possible, HFF will build modest housing, offer medical assistance, and provisions of food and bedding to needy families in Indonesia.

Goitre continues to raise many health-related problems across Indonesia.  Goitre is the enlargement of the thyroid gland caused by insufficient iodine in diets.  Currently, Indonesia has an on-going control program and with the support of many charities, Indonesia continues to improve the level of iodine within the community. 

To aid this cause, Cheetham Garam recently joined forces with the Helen Flavel Foundation and supplied iodised salt to the Singaraja community to help combat goitre.   Cheetham donated a range of retail products to assist with the control of goitre in Indonesia.


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