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How is Salt Made?

Cheetham Salt produces salt from the unspoilt waters of the Southern Ocean. We use a natural evaporative process to create high-quality, pure, natural sea salt from clean water.

How is salt made?

The process begins when seawater is pumped into shallow concentrating ponds. The concentrating ponds take full advantage of the natural topography to minimise the energy required for pumping.

As the sun and wind evaporate the water, the solution becomes denser. We then guide it slowly through a series of ponds by gravity or pumping for further evaporation. The salt settles into a thick layer on the crystalliser floor and we then use mechanical harvesting equipment to separate and lift it from the crystalliser.

The salt is then crushed, washed and screened into specific particle sizes. We can then package it to suit the needs of customers. Some refined products go through a drying process to remove any excess moisture and to produce clean, consistently sized particles.

An infographic of the process of making salt.