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Our Brands

Cheetham Salt makes some of the best-known brands in the salt industry, used by manufacturers across the globe. Here is a sample of our brands.

An illustration of a mermaid logo


Mermaid brand offers a range of products that cater to the food and industrial markets.  Mermaid naturally evaporated solar salt is manufactured to stringent specifications and has been designed to cover a broad range of uses.

Mermaid in the food industry
Mermaid food-grade products meet the very highest standard in evaporated solar salt. The Mermaid range extends from very fine cooking salt to coarse rock salt, and is a vital ingredient in many food products.

Mermaid in industrial production
Salt is required in many industrial applications, including the manufacture of paper, textiles, laundry detergent, and rubber, as well as drilling in the oil and gas industry. It is often used as a processing aid as salt can increase, stabilise or enhance the quality of an end product. No matter the purpose, Mermaid brand offers customers the flexibility and variety to cater for all industrial uses.

Mermaid Finest logo in blue.

Mermaid Finest

Mermaid Finest is a premier quality salt for use in pools. A totally natural product obtained by solar evaporation, Mermaid Finest helps create crystal-clear water that is free of algae and bacteria, and helps provide the health benefits associated with mineral springs and spas.

Maintaining clean pool water depends on having the appropriate pool equipment, having the right filtration water balance and carrying out regular maintenance. Fast-dissolving and easy-to-use, Mermaid Finest should be the first choice in salt for your pool.

Sunray logo in blue.


Sunray Swimming Pool Salt is a well-known brand in major hardware and department stores. We produce Sunray in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice, and it is a name that our customers have learned to rely upon. Sunray brand is supported by our friendly customer service team who ensure that we efficiently deliver this important salt product to our customers.

Clean pool water depends on having the appropriate pool equipment and the right filtration water balance, as well as carrying out regular maintenance. Sunray Pool Salt is specifically designed for use in saltwater chlorinators which leave swimming pools clean, sanitised and family safe.

R.A.M. Right Animal Mix logo

Right Animal Mix (R.A.M) 

Our R.A.M (Right Animal Mix) is naturally crystallised from sea water and salt lakes. The R.A.M range contains stock and feed-grade salt suitable for almost all animal rations. Supplementing livestock rations with salt is an essential practice. Salt improves the taste of the ration and encourages the uptake of other important nutrients.

R.A.M in the stockfeed industry
Animals require sodium and chloride to survive. The R.A.M range compliments a diverse range of feeds for the beef, dairy, pig, poultry, horse, sheep, pet food and aquaculture industries. Our products are manufactured to stringent specifications to ensure consistency and reliability.

Crown logo.


Our Crown range of premium products has been specifically developed for high-end dairy and water softening applications. Produced by solar evaporation of sea water, Crown products are harvested and refined under stringent standards to ensure consistency and reliability.

Crown in the food industry
Salt is a vital ingredient in food production. Crown products are synonymous with quality and purity, and they can ensure you achieve optimum results.

Crown in industrial processes
Cheetham Salt supplies a reliable range of water softening salts for household and industrial boilers. The use of our product is effective in alleviating problems associated with hard water.

Diamond logo in blue.


Diamond brand offers a wide range of salt products for the pool, water softening and hides markets. Naturally occurring saltwater and solar evaporation are the basic ingredients of this product range.

Diamond in the hide industry
Salting is used to cure hides and skins, and to prevent spoilage during the tanning process. The Diamond range is widely known in the industry and is proven to be effective in dry-salting and immersing hides in brine solutions.

Diamond in the pool industry
Clean pool water largely depends on having the appropriate pool equipment and the right filtration water balance as well as regular maintenance. Diamond pool salt is specifically used in saltwater chlorinators, which leaves swimming pools clean, sanitised and family-safe.

Diamond in the industrial sector
Cheetham Salt supplies a reliable range of salts for industrial and household water softening systems. Diamond salt is particularly suited to water softening and is effective in removing the minerals that harden water.

Drawing of a unicorn in blue.


Unicorn is the top choice in filter media. Widely known in the pool industry, Unicorn gives consumers confidence in their water purification and filtration system. We understand the importance of sand in pool filtration systems, and our Unicorn products are highly effective in trapping fine particles and improving overall water clarity.