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Industries we serve - Pharmaceutical

Cheetham Salt offers an extensive selection of salt grain sizes. They range from very coarse salt used by butchers for pickling and packing meats, right down to micro-fine salt used to make butter. In between, we offer a wide variety of particle sizes to cater for all needs, from food ingredients to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and textiles to use in other industrial process.

Salt for Pharmaceutical Use

Salt is vital for the pharmaceutical industry. It is used in the production of dialysis solutions, cosmetics and health products. Cheetham Salt manufactures its pure pharmaceutical-grade salt under stringent conditions to meet our customers’ expectations of superior quality.

Our site in New Zealand manufactures pharmaceutical salt that complies with European, British and United States Pharmacopoeia.

We are committed to supplying high quality pharmaceutical products and the highest level of customer service and support. For more information on our products, along with recommended applications, please contact us.

New Zealand Pharmaceutical Grade

Our pharmaceutical salt is an extremely high-purity, certified vacuum salt that is particularly suitable for use in the production of injectable dosage forms, peritoneal dialysis solutions, haemodialysis solutions and haemofiltration solutions as per BP (British Pharmacopoeia).