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Industries we serve - Multi-purpose

Cheetham Salt offers an extensive selection of salt grain sizes. They range from very coarse salt used by butchers for pickling and packing meats, right down to micro-fine salt used to make butter. In between, we offer a wide variety of particle sizes to cater for all needs, from food ingredients to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and textiles to use in other industrial process.

Salt for Industrial Applications

Salt is used in a wide variety of ways in different industrial applications. Some examples include the manufacture of paper, textiles, laundry detergent, rubber and pharmaceuticals, and it is also used for drilling in the oil and gas industry. Our extensive range of products derived from naturally crystallised sea water and salt lakes can cover this broad range of uses.

We offer all multi-purpose salts in a vast array package sizes from 10kg bags to 1,200kg bulker bags.


Salt is needed in many industrial applications. Cheetham Salt has been instrumental in helping many of its customers improve their operations and achieve optimum performance. Through these types of partnerships, our customers can be confident that our naturally evaporated solar salt will deliver superior performance and reliability.

We offer salt for water softening in an array of package sizes, from 15kg bags to 1,200kg bulker bags.

Crown HG Watersoftener

Crown HG Watersoftener is our premium industrial salt. It is specially manufactured for water treatment. The extra-large crystals help water softening units remove calcium and magnesium ions from hard water and replace them with more soluble sodium ions.

Mermaid Washed Coarse

Mermaid Washed Coarse As the name suggests, this product is washed and crushed to an average grain size of approximately to 2.8mm. 

Mermaid Grade 6

Mermaid Grade 6 is an industrial version of Mermaid Flossy food-grade salt. This multi-purpose salt is used for an array of applications that require a refined particle size of 1mm.

Mermaid Grade 9

Mermaid Grade 9 is an industrial version of Mermaid Premium food-grade salt. This multi-purpose salt is used for an array of applications that require a fine granulated salt.