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Industries we serve - Chemical

Cheetham Salt offers an extensive selection of salt grain sizes. They range from very coarse salt used by butchers for pickling and packing meats, right down to micro-fine salt used to make butter. In between, we offer a wide variety of particle sizes to cater for all needs, from food ingredients to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and textiles to use in other industrial process.

Salt for Chemical Purposes

The chemical industry is by far the largest consumer of industrial salt. Salt is the raw material in the production of chlorine, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid in the chlor-alkali industry. Produced by the electrolysis of salt, chlorine is an essential chemical found in many of the products we all use every day.

We offer salt for the chemical industry in a wide range of package sizes from 25kg bags up to bulk truck loads.

Bulk Harvest Washed Salt

Cheetham Salt works closely with customers to ensure its bulk salt meets the exact requirements of chemical manufacturers. We can partner with our customers to ensure that we understand their businesses and so we can provide bulk loads tailored to their individual needs. Our sales and technical department will work hand in hand to discuss your specific needs and product requirements.