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Industries we serve - Hide Treatment

Cheetham Salt offers an extensive selection of salt grain sizes. They range from very coarse salt used by butchers for pickling and packing meats, right down to micro-fine salt used to make butter. In between, we offer a wide variety of particle sizes to cater for all needs, from food ingredients to the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, and textiles to use in other industrial process.

Hide Treatment Salt

Salting is used to cure hides and skins to prevent spoilage prior to the tanning process. Salt curing in the tanning industry includes both dry-salting and immersing hides in a brine solution. Cheetham emphasises that all hide salt is not for human or animal consumption, and it should be stored away from food.

We offer a vast array of hide curing salts that are available packed in 25kg bags up to bulk truck loads.

Diamond Refined Hide 1½% BASF

Hide processors use this salt to recycle their waste. It is a high-strength, chemically-treated salt that manufacturers mix with their waste to form useable salt LD.

Diamond Refined Hide 1¼% BASF

This dry, refined salt is crushed, sieved and mixed with a slightly higher level of boric acid and sodium fluoride.

Diamond Washed Hide 1% BASF

This product is double-washed, sieved and mixed with 1% boric acid and 1% sodium fluoride. It has an average grain size of 1.7mm and it used in animal hide preservation.

Diamond Refined Hide 1% BASF

This dry, refined salt is crushed, sieved and mixed with boric acid and sodium fluoride. We specifically manufacture it for salting hides. It is strictly manufactured under quality systems that comply with ISO 9001.